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The IICCR has undertaken a series of field campaigns so as to exhume anti-communist fighters executed by the Securitate

One of the most important aims of our investigation activities is to identify the places where the victims of the communist regime were buried. The Institute is particularly interested in those people who were executed (usually shot to death) without trial by the Securitate. Once information has been gathered, the victims are then identified, based […]

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The opening of “Remember – the Communisation of the Country of Făgăraş’’ exhibition

The Negru-Vodă Cultural Foundation in Făgăraş, the Memorial of the Anticommunist Resistance of the Făgăraş Country, in partnership with the IICCR, the Local Council and the Făgăraş Townhall, the Library of Transylvania University in Braşov, the Museum of Ethnography in Braşov, Radio Star in Făgăraş and the Făgăraş TV station organised the opening of the […]

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International Conference “Twenty Years After: Central and Eastern European Communist Regimes as a Shared Legacy”

Prague, 6-7 October 2009 The Conference focused on the legacy of the non-democratic past of Central European countries. Taking into account the more common approaches stressing the radical nature of ruptures accompanying the demise of the communist regimes in the region, twenty years after the Fall, both the scientific community and the Central and Eastern […]

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The Summer University of Râmnicu Sărat – 23-31 August 2009

The Summer University program aims at helping students acquire a better knowledge of the communist past, either through direct witnesses of the repression or through lecturers and researchers involved in the study of the communist crimes in Romania. The third edition of the Summer University took place in Râmnicu Sărat in the interval 23-31 August […]

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Yearbook Why communism must be condemned

On 5 December 2006, the IICCR released its first yearbook, entitled Why communism must be condemned. The official release of the volume took place at New Europe College in Bucharest. The series opened by this first volume has the purpose to respond the title-question by means of offering an institutional analysis of the communist regime, […]

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The second edition of the IICCR summer school on the subject of communism

In the interval 25 June – 3 July 2009, The Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes, in collaboration with The Memorial of Anti-Communist Resistance in Ţara Făgăraşului and The “Negru Vodă” Foundation, organized in Făgăraş-Sâmbăta de Sus (Braşov County) the second edition of the summer school on the subject of communism. This year’s edition was attended […]

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