The Negru-Vodă Cultural Foundation in Făgăraş, the Memorial of the Anticommunist Resistance of the Făgăraş Country, in partnership with the IICCR, the Local Council and the Făgăraş Townhall, the Library of Transylvania University in Braşov, the Museum of Ethnography in Braşov, Radio Star in Făgăraş and the Făgăraş TV station organised the opening of the exhibition entitled Remember – The Communisation of the Country of Făgăraş. An Experimental Way of Displaying the Communists’ Setting Up in the Country of Făgăraş.

The event took place on Thursday, 8 October, at the Centre of the Negru Vodă Cultural Foundation in Făgăraş.

The exhibition represents a part of a vaster project of the Negru Vodă Cultural Foundation, in partnership with the IICCR. The project implies the setting up of the Memorial of Anticommunist Resistance of the Country of Făgăraş. This initiative is offering the large public, and especially researchers, testimonies of the anticommunist resistance as well as other relevant data.