Twenty years have passed since the 1990 Mineriade. On 14 June 2010, the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and the Memory of the Romanian Exile organised the debate entitled The 1990 Mineriade: Street Violence and Civic Resistance.

Mr. Cătălin Avramescu (Romanian Presidency), Mr. Andrei Cornea (University of Bucharest), Ms. Rodica Culcer (Romanian Television), Ms. Andreea Pora (22 Weekly), Mr. Ioan Stanomir (IICCMER), Mr. Dan Tapalagă (Hotnews.Ro), and Mr. Vladimir Tismăneanu (University of Maryland) were invited to the event. The discussions of the debate were chaired by the well-known journalist Robert Turcescu (Realitatea FM).

On this occasion, the IICCMER launched the web-portal of this project:

On the same day, a supplement to the Evenimentul zilei daily on the subject of the “mineriade” was issued as well. It included analyses of the political violence, the propaganda and the manipulation related to the events of 13-15 June 1990.