The Soros Foundation, in collaboration with the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and the Memory of the Romanian Exile and the Romanian History Teachers’ Association – CLIO, organized the conference History of Communism within the Romanian Educational System. Participants debated issues such as: what young Romanians kwon about communism; the history of communism in the national curriculum; the teaching methods in the area of the history of communism; the policies that are to be continued in this educational field.

Speakers: Ovidiu Voicu (Soros Foundation); Andrei Gheorghiță (Soros Foundation); Raluca Grosescu (the IICCMRE); Doru Dumitrescu (the Ministry of Education); Mihai Manea (CLIO Association); Mihai Stamatescu (professor); Monica Dworski (CEDU 2000+); Ioana Boca (the Civic Academy); Cristina Anisescu (CNSAS). Teachers and pupils participated alongside.