The Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris, in cooperation with the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and the Memory of the Romanian Exile, organised, on 16 May 2011, the launch of the History of Communism in Europe, the first international  edition  of  IICCMER’s yearbook, as well as round table discussions on the subject of Memory and Interpretations of the Communist Regime in Eastern Europe.

Ms. Anette Wieviorka (CNRS), Ms. Damiana Oţoiu, director, IICCMER, and Ms. Raluca Grosescu, director, IICCMER, participated in the event. Their contributions referred to Methods and Means of Remembering the Nazi and the Communist Past (Anette Wieviorka), Dealing with the Past – Metamorphoses of Urban Space (Damiana Oţoiu) and Representations of Communism with the Romanian Population between Nostalgia and Amnesia (Raluca Grosescu).