During April 5-22, 2016, IICCMER organizes, at I.L.Caragiale National College in Bucharest, the exhibition EXPUNERI [en. Displays], which presents the destinies of 30 political prisoners from communist Romania through family albums photographs, photos taken during detention or after their release. The project was initiated by our late beloved colleague Dana Cenuşă (National Administration of Penitentiaries).

The speakers at the launching organized on April 5 were Irina Hasnaș, IICCMER expert and project coordinator, Nina Moica, the Association of Former Political Prisoners in Romania (AFDPR), Lucian Vasile, Head of Education and Memory Office, and Adrian Drăgușanu, history teacher at I.L.Caragiale National College.

The exhibition was first launched in December 2015 at the National Theatre in Bucharest and is an itinerant one. Until June, with the support of the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research and of the School Inspectorate of Bucharest, it will be displayed at three highschools from the Capital city and subsequently other locations.

For further information regarding the exhibition or other IICCMER projects, please contact us at +40 21 316 7565 or e-mail us at office@www.iiccmer.ro.