In the interval 2-4 November 2006, an archaeological research campaign took place on the site of the “Cemetery of the Poor”, a burial field situated in the outskirts of Sighetu Marmaţiei Town. The first archaeological exploration in the area took place in the interval 19-21 July 2006. The campaign of November 2006 was carried out in agreement with the Preventive Archaeological Research Authorisation no. 502/2006, issued by the Ministry of Cults and Culture. The entire burial field of the “Cemetery of the Poor” is a place of interest both from a historical and an archaeological point of view. The site has been given the identification code 106568.04.

The purpose of the archaeological campaign of November 2006 was to search for, detect and recover the bones or the mortal remains of former political prisoners who were imprisoned and who subsequently died in unclear circumstances in the Penitentiary of Sighet.