The most recent issue of the IICCMER yearbook appeared at Polirom Publishing House “Between transformation and adaptation. Avatars of everyday life during the communist regime in Romania, under the coordination of Luciana M. Jinga and Ştefan Bosomitu.

The 8th volume of the IICCMER yearbook offers an analysis of the history of the communist regime in Romania from an original perspective. The studies suggest a different approach to the communist regime, by analyzing structures and practices from everyday life. Not only that the articles reconstruct essential structures of daily life, they also identify those sequences of everyday life that appear and develop in the context of a dialog between the communist regime and its institutions on one hand and society on the other. As an answer to the traditional approaches, the volume describes the image of an individual/ citizen who is extremely careful to the social, economic, cultural and political realities of his age and who deals with them every day by developing tactics and tricks to help him adapt and resist the regime. Moreover, the conclusions of the studies suggest that when this type of daily behavior turned into a practice, the communist regime was forced to take all these transformations into account.

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