The Summer University focused on analysing ways of remembering the interval 1944-1989 from a historical and biographical perspective. Participating students were invited to reflect on various ideological, social and political aspects of communism. Considering the fact that the effects of this period are still present within the Romanian society, a better knowledge of the recent past may contribute to a deeper understanding of present realities. The connection with the past was accomplished, on one hand, by means of direct dialogue with those who were witnesses and victims of the communist regime, and, on the other hand, by means of the lectures delivered by well-known personalities in the field of Romanian and East-European communism-related researches, as well as on the post-1989 period.

The target-group of the project were represented by students aged between 19 and 27 years old, from the Faculties of History, Political Science, Sociology, Journalism, Letters, and Law, as well as PhD candidates in Humanities (except for final-year candidates).