Essay and Graphic Arts Contest Aiming at Raising Students’ Interest in the History of the Communist Regime in Romania 

We, the ones who were born at the beginning of the ‘80s, we, the ones who didn’t have to enter the “Capacitate” exam or pass multiple choice tests, we were the last generation of Junior Pioneers wearing blue and orange kinder garden uniforms and red ties. We couldn’t beep one another on the mobile phone, so we would whistle to our neighbours when we were going out to play; we didn’t have Dolby Digital speakers, so we would keep very quiet when watching a film, to hear the actors better; we didn’t have Nintendo games or Play Stations, but Rubik cubes and the popular “Don’t be angry with me, brother!”. We, the last generation of pioneers of the communist era, are inviting you, the ones born after the 1989 Revolution, the ones accustomed to iPods, DVDs and game consoles, to enter our world by writing an essay or making a drawing. You don’t have to tell us what we experienced, but to live for yourselves, even for a few hours’ time, as students during the communist regime. 

The contest aims at raising pupils’ interest in the history of communism in Romania as well as at developing their awareness regarding the nature of the communist regime. By means of stimulating creativity and individual research, the project intends to develop pupils’ and teenagers’ personal thinking on a historical period that is still imprinted in the evolution and the development of the Romanian society. 

The target group is represented by the pupils within the middle and secondary schools functioning under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Research, both in urban and rural areas. 

Main Activities within the Project 

The project resides in launching two competitions focusing on the issue of being a student during the communist regime. The two sections of the project consist of essay writing and drawing.