There was once a people who could not speak or think, but who was just trembling of fear and cold. This people were composed of your mother, your grandparent, your uncle. But, one day they got tired and got out on the streets. And they yield: “We will not go from here, not go to our houses until we will not win our freedom!” And they obtained their and your liberty. What was won? Was something lost? What the price of the liberty was? How do you see liberty in your everyday life?

The contest, arrived to its 3rd edition, is destined to the students who are inscribed in the cycle V-XII and is organized in strict collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation. The scope of this contest is that of attaining the interest of the children and youngsters in studying the recent Romanian history, determining them to reflect upon the totalitarian and repressive nature of the communist regime from Romania, and to express their thoughts regarding the moment 1989 in Romania.  Taking into account the significance of making youngsters aware about the moment 1989, we are inviting the students to prove their creativity in considering the importance of this episode from our history and its impact upon the evolution and development of the Romanian society. 

Contest regulations
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