From 7 to 10 September 2015 the Association for the promotion of Civic Culture and Accountability (APCRC), in partnership with the Institute for the investigation of Communist crimes and the memory of the Romanian exile (1989 ROMANIAN REVOLUTION) and the School Inspectorate of Bucharest (ISMB), organized educational Tour in communist prisons project, addressed to the pupils.

Thus, 24 students, select an essay contest, the most representative visited prisons in the system concentraţionar the Communist period: prisons de la Piteşti, Aiud, Gherla, Sighet, Jilava and Râmnicu Sărat. Young people had the opportunity to acquire a better understanding of the mechanisms of repression used by the Communist regime in eliminating his opponents, but also other aspects of the history of communism. 
For more information about the project, prison tour, please visit APCRC Web site.