In 2008, TVR and IICCMER produced a series of documentaries about people or groups who were involved in anticommunist actions or which were the target of less knows operations led by the Securitate. The six documentaries from the “Reenactments” [Reconstituiri] series, made by a team coordinated by Lucia Hossu-Longin and Stejărel Olaru, are: “Bad Boys” [Băieții răi], “The Bern Attach” [Atacul de la Berna], “Make him disappear!” [Fă-l să dispară!], “The Ministry of Truth” [Ministerul Adevărului], “Culianu in Ceauşescu’s Country” [Culianu în țara lui Ceaușescu] and “The Greece Operation”[Operațiunea Grecia].