The “Prison of Silence” Memorial in Râmnicu Sărat and the Educational Centre on Communism in Romania

IICCMRE aims to transform a former place of isolation into one of reflection about the criminal nature of Communism.

The prison in Râmnicu Sărat has operated for several yeÎnchisoarea Râmnicu Săratars as a transit point for political prisoners who were being transferred to other detention centres to serve their sentence. A series of representatives of political parties, clergymen, as well as other unwanted persons were afterwards incarcerated for longer periods of time in “The Prison of Silence”. Among the most famous prisoners were former leaders of democratic parties, such as Ion Mihalache, Ilie Lazăr, Victor Rădulescu Pogoneanu or Corneliu Coposu.

In June 2007, the Institute took over the administration of the former prison in Râmnicu Sărat and initiated a series of actions destined to raise awareness among policy makers and inform the public about the memorial value of the site, but also aiming to reach practical solutions in regard to the restoration of the building that is now in an advanced state of decay.

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