The necessity to have such a museum is based on two assessments:

  • The first relates to the low levels of interest for the recent past among the young generation and the pedagogical challenge of transmitting historical data.
  • The second concerns the process of strengthening the rule of law by offering a more detailed knowledge of the mechanisms of an arbitrary State.

Consequently, from both perspectives, the Museum will not only be a place of the past, but, equally, one of the future. The project is designed to materialize the inalienable right to memory and to a dignified life.

IICCMER undertook numerous actions in order to raise awareness on the necessity of founding a Museum of Communist Crimes in Romania (MCCR) such as the campaign The Right to Memory. Reasons for Building a Museum of Communism in Bucharest, organized in partnership with the Romanian Television, the debate The Right to Memory. The Museum of Communism in Romania, aired for four months on Adevărul LIVE, and an international workshop meant to gather and analyze the rationales behind building the MCCR in Bucharest.