Bucharest, Oct. 28, 2015. Institute for the investigation of Communist crimes and the memory of the Romanian exile (1989 ROMANIAN REVOLUTION) and the Association of former political prisoners from Romania (AFDPR) have renewed the cooperation Protocol between the two institutions in order to develop projects, programmes and events of mutual interest.

These include:

  • Thematic conferences on topics such as transitional justice, concentraţionar phenomenon, deportations, indoor and outdoor, memory culture, etc.;
  • The collection of oral testimonies and documentaries relating to the recent history of Romania;
  • Representatives of educational projects organized AFDPR of the 1989 ROMANIAN REVOLUTION first hand as you witness the recent past;
  • The establishment, through the efforts of the 1989 ROMANIAN REVOLUTION and AFDPR, together with other State institutions and organizations and/or private, National Memorial to victims of communism in Fort San Francisco 13;
  • The Organization, in Bucharest, the Museum of Communist crimes in Romania (MCCR);
  • Contribution to the development of a coherent legislation relating to victims and survivors of the Communist regime in Romania, as well as the implementation of policies and educational memorials relating to the period of dictatorship of the proletariat;
  • Identification of the victims ' relatives and survivors of the Communist regime in Romania for the implementation of the 1989 ROMANIAN REVOLUTION, in collaboration with the institutions in the field of DNA data banks;
  • Collaboration through testimonies point spot, for the purpose of conducting investigations of Dobos
  • Cooperation in the building in the village of Mereni village, Anenii Noi district (Republic of Moldova), a case-document from the Bărăgan, part of the future of the open-air Museum of deportees.
  • Mutual support in international organizations of which they are a part of ROMANIAN EXILE and AFDPR;
  • To promote an understanding both nuanced and full of recent past of Romanian society.

The ROMANIAN EXILE in 2005, the Association of former political prisoners from Romania (AFDPR) and expressed its support for the work of the constant, the two collaborating institutions from over the years on several projects aimed at investigating Communist crimes and honour the memory of the victims of repression.

For more information, please contact us at phone number + 40 21 316 7565 or email office@www.iiccmer.ro.


Institute for the investigation of Communist crimes and the memory of the Romanian exile is a governmental structure established in 2005 and in the coordination of the Prime Minister. His role consists, first of all, in managing and analyzing the scientific point of view of the totalitarian period and its consequences. Secondly, the 1989 ROMANIAN REVOLUTION supports the creation and implementation of educational tools with purposeful Memorial and thus contribute to the articulation of the context in which the values and fundamental rights to be accepted by our society post-totalitarian. Last but not least, the ROMANIAN EXILE's role is to gather, archive and publish documents relating to the memory of the Romanian exile.
More details about the work of the 1989 ROMANIAN REVOLUTION: http://www.iiccmer.ro/or https://www.facebook.com/InstitutuldeInvestigareaCrimelorComunismului.