The Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes and the Memory of the Romanian Exile (IICCMER) publishes a list of the criminal complaints it filed since its foundation until the present day, mentioning the current status for each as it was communicated to us by the competent authorities. The criminal complaints are just a part of the activities of the Institute as stated by Government Decision no. 1.372/2009 regarding the creation, organization and functioning of IICCMER.

The list below only comprises those cases in which enough evidence had been found regarding the guilt of the doers so as to allow the notification of the legal bodies and does not include the name of all those verified. Moreover, we would like to mention that, following modifications of the Government Decision regulating its functioning, IICCMER did not have this prerogative during February 2010 and July 2012.

According to the existing laws, the purpose of IICCMER refers to the elaboration and filing of criminal complaints together with materials considered as evidence, after which the decision regarding the starting of the criminal proceedings or not belongs to the competent authorities.

No. Name under which the criminal complaint was filed Registration no. File no. File Status Observations
1 Tilici Neculai 1801/11.02.2015 No official answer
2 Fizula T. Refic 1803/11.02.2015 No official answer
3 Sârbu Teodor 11.02.2015 No official answer
4 Istrate Constantin 10768/08.07.2015 403/P/2014

Case closed


Death of the author 11.09.2014
5 Cormoș Florin 367/C/11.02.2014

Archived work


Already trialed for the same deeds
6 Ficior Iosif Ioan 13.570/18.09.2013 Currently on trial Currently on trial
7 Vișinescu Alexandru 68/30.07.2013 Definitive sentence of 20 years in prison
8 Pleșiță Nicolae (Free Europe) 07.11.2007 57/P/2009

Criminal case ruled out,


Death of the authors
9 Enoiu Gheorghe.

Securitate officers.

The trial of communism (210 persons)

82/P/2007 /


68/P/06 / 04.12.2006


Criminal case ruled out,


Statute of limitation;

Insufficient evidence for Prosecution

10 Moldovan Radu Sandu 59/P/2008 Criminal case ruled out,


Nonexistence of deeds;

Rejected appeal

11 Psychiatrists

(victim: Vasile Paraschiv)

924/P/2008 Criminal case ruled out 30.10.2008

Statute of limitation;

Rejected appeal

12 Pârvulescu Marin

(victim Gheorghe Ursu)

179/P/2012 Criminal case ruled out, 21.01.2013 Statute of limitation