Penal Registration Forms

In the interval 1947-1989, in the penitentiaries and labor colonies of Romania tens of thousands of persons were detained because of their refusal to embrace the Communist Party’s newly imposed political and social rules. These people became a part of a penitentiary system which deemed them more dangerous than common criminals. They were subjected to all administrative rigors, but they furthermore suffered because of their political status. There was at least one penal registration form on the name of each political prisoner. These registration forms were kept within the archive of the General Management of Penitentiaries (today the National Administration Centre for Penitentiaries), namely within the Penitentiary of Jilava.

The Institute has published a great number of the foregoing forms on its website, as well as the registration forms of the persons who were executed during the communist regime. The forms of common prisoners were separated from the forms of the political prisoners.

Moreover, the Institute has published the penal records of well-known personalities from the interwar period who had to endure detention in communist prisons.

The present project began in 2007 and is still in progress.

Penal registration forms – political prisoners

Penal registration forms – executed political prisoners

Penal registration forms – personalities

Penal registration forms – executed common law offenders